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CR2 and CRW File Formats of Canon

Have you lost the photos of a rare bird species that you captured using your Canon camera? Digital Photo Recovery software lets you recover deleted and lost CR2 and CRW file format photos from all Professional Canon DSLR cameras

Digital Photo Recovery software is an efficient RAW photo recovery software that recovers deleted/lost photos from Canon cameras

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CR2 and CRW file formats of Canon

CR2 and CRW are the primary file types used for storage of photos on all Canon DSLR cameras. Though there is a considerable difference between these two file types, both these file types use an uncompressed method to save the photos in the storage media. The images are stored in the exact form in which it was captured on the CCD or CMOS sensor of the camera. CR2 is a file format that is based on Tagged Image File Format or TIFF.


The older Canon DSLR cameras make use of the CRW file format for saving images captured using the camera. The CRW file format is based on Camera Image File Format or CIFF. Like CR2 files, CRW files are also saved in an uncompressed format. Like in other RAW image formats, the editing can be done only after the photos have been saved onto the computer. The users can make use of the software that is included with Canon DSLR cameras for viewing the images in CRW format. The structure of CRW is very similar to that of TIFF except for the fact that TIFF's offsets are absolute, while the offsets of CRW are located at the beginning of the data block in each directory.


These CR2 and CRW files can get lost or deleted, when you remove the memory card from the camera without switching off the camera after the writing process is completed, or when you convert the CR2 and CRW files to JPEG and JPG format using a third party conversion software. The loss of photos can also occur, if there is a problem with the software/firmware of the camera. The other common reasons are accidental deletion of photos from your digital camera memory card, mistakenly formatted the card while ejecting it or renaming it, transferrring error, improper ejection from the digital camera, etc. Using the Digital Photo recovery tool you can recover over 300 types of file formats including JPG recovery & restoration of other common image formats.


In such cases the best thing to do is to download a trustable photo recovery software, and recover the lost photos from the storage media. This tool is the perfect option when it comes to Recover CR2 and CRW file format of Canon digital cameras. The tool also supports the retrieval of photos from various memory card brands. Read here about recovery from Sandisk meory card. The software is quick in locating and recovering lost deleted photos from all professional DSLR cameras. To know the process of digital image recovery on Mac OS, visit

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