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Testimonial - Digital Photo Recovery Software

Memory cards were first released and launched in 1994. Memory cards are secondary storage medium that are based on the flash technology for storing digital data. They are compact in size and are portable non-volatile chips that are electrically programmable and erasable. They have an excellent ability to retain data without need of an external power supply. They have different storage capacities and fast accessing speed. Memory cards are categorized into two types i.e. Type I and Type II. In memory cards, MBR (Master Boot Record) is present for compatibility reasons and the boot sector is configured with the MBR to set up a logical structure of the memory card. In general, memory card supports FAT (File Allocation table) file system, which contains complete details of files or folders along with their storage location. Memory cards are used for storing data like photos, audio files and videos. Digital cameras make use of memory cards to extend the storage capacity of device for storing pictures. Sometimes, due to file system corruption, data might become inaccessible resulting in huge loss of data. Hence, in this condition to recover data from memory card you need to make use of corrupted memory card picture recovery tool to recover deleted or lost data from memory card. You can even recover pictures from memory card of a DSLR camera. To know the procedure you need to follow -

Scenarios for losing pictures from corrupted memory card:

  • File system corruption: If the file system i.e., FAT32 is infected from some harmful malware or virus then it results in corruption of memory card and pictures from the card are inaccessible. If the same memory card is used in different electronic gadgets then the file structure of the card gets corrupted and result in inaccessibility and loss of photos.
  • Root Directory Corruption: Root directory is a structure, which allows you to store only limited number of files in memory card i.e. approximately 256 files. If you have stored large images with unknown or weird file names then the root directory of memory card will point to faulty location or some other, which results in loss of photos.
  • Boot Sector corruption: Memory card has a boot sector, which is responsible for setting up the geometry of the card.  While accessing memory card data from camera, if you have faced any errors like “memory card cannot be formatted”, “Seek errors” or “memory card unreadable” etc then you suffer from loss of photos due to corruption in boot sector, which result in inaccessibility of data.
  • Loss of photos during transfer of data: During the process of transferring photos between computer and camera if you abruptly remove the interface cable or pull out the memory card from camera then your memory card suffer from corruption and results in loss of pictures due to interruption in file transfer.

To prevent from losing pictures from memory card you need to have complete copy of files as backup to restore it when you suffer from loss. Always safely remove the memory card from your computer. Have an up to date anti-virus program to remove harmful virus from computer. Avoid making use of same memory card in different electronic devices. In general, the data that is lost due to logical failures from the memory cards can be recovered by using some memory card recovery software. If you have selected a recovery software that is writable then while recovering data it might overwrite on it and hence result in further loss of data. So, while choosing recovery software, you need to make sure that recovery software is read-only software.

Digital Image recovery software is a read-only software, which scans your entire memory card in few minutes to recover deleted photos from memory card along with audio files and video files. Click this link to know the complete process to perform deleted picture recovery from a memory card. With help of this software, all your recovered data is sorted out based on the file name, type, size and extension in order to retrieve files easily. By using this software you are able to recover RAW images from professional DSLR's. Generally, memory cards supports FAT32 file format but, along with FAT32, this software can also recover from FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT file system. It can also recover images from digital cameras. Read more.


Follow simple steps to recover photos from corrupted memory card


Step 1: Connect the corrupted memory card via a memroy card reader to a healthy PC on which the Digital Image Recovery Software has already been installed. Run the application by double clicking the desktop shortcut icon or selecting it from the Programs Menu. A main window appears, from which you need to select the "Recover Photos" option as shown in Figure 1


Corrupted Memory Card Picture Recovery Tool- Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Window


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Step 2: From the next window you find two options i.e., "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos". Select "Recover Lost Photos" option to recover pictures from corrupted memory card as shown in Figure 2


Corrupted Memory Card Picture Recovery Tool-Recover lost photos

Figure 2: Select Recover Lost Photos

Step 3: Select the corrupted memory card drive, which is displayed as a logical drive to recover digital photos alongwith videos and music files and click on "Next" option as shown in Figure 3


Corrupted Memory Card Picture Recovery Tool- Select memory card

Figure 3. Select Memory Card Drive


Step 4: After the scanning process is completed, the recovered photos are displayed and can be viewed in either "Data View" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure 4


Corrupted Memory Card Picture Recovery Tool- Found files and folders Screen

Figure 4. View Recovered pictures


Step 5: You can even preview the recovered pictures by using the "Preview" option, which helps you to evaluate the capability of the software as shown in Figure 5

Preview Pictures

Figure 5. Preview Pictures


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