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How to Get Back Deleted Images from Digital Camera?

Everybody owns a digital camera now a days. Many people use digital cameras to capture still photography and videos. Digital cameras has less memory to save the media files, they are equipped with memory cards to save the captured pictures. Memory cards extend the memory of the device to store the more and more pictures.

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Testimonial - Digital Photo Recovery Software

With more and more people switching to digital photography it has become quite common that people lose their photos due to deletion. Digital pictures are easier to lose than traditional film pictures because the digital camera is equipped with more useful but very dangerous “Delete” button. A common question that arises in such situation is can I recover deleted pictures from digital camera? The answer is absolutely “YES”. In such situations it is highly recommended to make use of proper digital photo recovery tool to perform digital image recovery from camera.

Common scenarios under which your photos might get deleted are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: Mistakes made by human beings are the main reason for deletion of lovable photos from digital camera. Since the storage capacity of memory card is limited we tend to delete some unwanted files from memory card in order to accommodate space for saving new files. While deleting old unwanted photographs, it is possible that you may delete some valuable pictures accidentally. In addition to this accidentally pressing the “Delete All” button provided in many digital cameras deletes all the files from the camera.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometimes it may happen that you accidentally format the digital camera memory card connected to the computer while formatting some other drives of the system. In addition to this accidentally pressing “Format” option provided in many digital cameras erases all the data from the memory card.
  • Intentional Formatting: Virus spread and infect the digital camera memory card files when you connect the memory card to virus infected computer for file transfer. Since virus replicate themselves with in a short span of time data corruption rate is more in small storage space. To get rid of virus many people tend to format the memory card but this not only removes the virus from the memory card but also wipes out all the data from the digital camera memory card leading to severe data loss.
  • Improper Ejection of memory card: Abrupt removal of memory card from digital camera while transferring the files between memory card and computer may interrupt the file transfer process and results in deletion of some vital files from memory card.

Additional photo deletion scenarios:

  • Pictures gets deleted while transferring from one device to other.
  • Usage of third party applications results in deletion of files from memory card for example anti virus program deletes the file while scanning, if the file is severely damaged by virus beyond repair.
  • Images gets deleted due to corruption of digital camera memory card.

What happens when photos are deleted from digital camera?

When you delete the photos from the digital camera the photo itself is not deleted, instead the file pointer pointing to that storage location will be deleted. The file system marks that space as free so that when new picture is taken this space can be used to save new picture. If that happens then it is too late to recover deleted pictures. So it is very important to stop using the camera to capture any pictures once you sense that important pictures are deleted from it because new images may overwrite the space of deleted images, which will make them unrecoverable.

Whenever you sense that vital files are deleted from digital camera make use of digital picture recovery software to retrieve deleted image files with utmost ease. This robust software can recover deleted images from memory card, External Hard drive, USB drive, Fire Wire Drives, memory stick etc. Read more about recovery from memory card. This software lets you perform professional digital RAW image recovery of renowned RAW file formats like CR2, CRW, NEF, ORF, MRW, PEF, DNG, RAF from popular digital camera brands. By using this software, you can recover photos from HTC One Smartphone including other brands of smartphones with utmost ease. This outstanding application provides interactive interface which allows you to preview retrieved photos, videos and audio files at the end of the recovery process before saving them to secured location. It is programmed to recover digital photos on Windows and Mac operating system. Visit to perform image recovery on Windows OS.


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How can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera?


Step 1: Install Digital Photo Recovery Software on your PC and connect the memory card of digital camera to it. Launch the application by double clicking the shortcut on the desktop or selecting it from the Program Menu. As the main window appears click on the "Recover Photos" option as shown in Figure 1


Can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera? - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main window


Step 2: : On the next window you will be provided with two options namely "Recover Deleted Photos" and "Recover Lost Photos". Select "Recover Deleted Photos" as shown in Figure 2.


Can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera? - Recover lost photos

Figure 2: Recover Lost Photos


Step 3: After selecting the option, a window pops up with the list of the system drives and the drives connected to the system as shown in Figure 3. Select required drive on which restoration needs to be performed and click on "Next" to continue.


Can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera?- Select drive Screen

Figure 3: Select Drive / Partition


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Step 4: The application starts the scanning process on the selected drive/partition. The percentage of scanning process along with the Start time, Elapsed time is displayed while scanning as shown in Figure 4


Can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera? - Scan process Screen

Figure 4: Scanning process


Step 5: As the scanning completes the recovered pictures are displayed. The "Data View" or the "File Type View" option allows you to view the restored photos as shown in Figure 5. You can preview recovered files and save them to secured location after purchasing the software.


Can you Retrieve Deleted Pictures from a Digital Camera? - Data View / File Type View Screen

Figure 5: Data View / File Type View


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