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Did you accidentally delete photos on Mac? Dont worry!!
The deleted / lost photos can be recovered using Digital Photo Recovery software for Mac.

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Testimonial - Digital Photo Recovery Software

Time machine is built-in backup tool that is used in Mac machines. When it is connected to the Mac system it makes a copy of your Mac, system files, applications, accounts, preferences, email messages, music, photos, movie and documents. But what happens When time machine becomes corrupt or your entire pictures that you have saved have been lost. So first thing that will come in your mind is how to restore RAW pictures from digital camera? Is there any way for this? Yes, surely you can restore all your files and pictures from your time machine by using digital photo recovery software. Click here to know the solution. You can restore all your files and photos only if they are not overwritten on time machine.

When you realize that you have lost your photos and files then you have to stop using your time machine. If you will use it then, there might be the chances of data over write. So by using digital photo recovery software you can restore your deleted photos from your Mac machine. What will recovery software do? It will scan our complete time machine drive and recover all deleted files in front of you. What happened when you delete your files it still remains in the same place but it becomes unreadable to your operating system. When it is deleted a pointer from the index pointing this file got deleted and this space marked as ‘available’. When you recover your time machine it searches those files which are not pointing by any pointer and it restore you files back.


Digital photo recovery software is completely safe to use as it does not overwrite the data onto the affected drive. It is only readable and it makes a separate copy of it. This digital photo recovery software can recover pictures from digital cameras. You can use this software to recover lost photos from memory cards. Besides generic photo file formats the software is capable of recovering RAW image files generated using specialized cameras. This software can also be used to recover files from corrupted memory stick. Read more about it.


There might be many reasons of photo loss in which we can use digital photo recovery software:

  • Accidental deletion of photos.
  • Accidentally formatting the drive may also lead to loss of photos.
  • Corruption of time machine due to virus intrusion or due to improper removal.
  • Unplugging the time machine when backup making process is going on.
  • Due to power surge when backup buildup process is going on.

This software is compatible with latest version of Mac OS X can also be used for picture recovery from formatted USB drive. This recovery software works on Mac file system such as HFS+ and HFSX. The tool also works perfectly to retrieve digital photos that are lost or deleted from Mac Trash. Visit to know more.


There are following steps how to restore photos from time machine:


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Step 1: Download the software, install it on your PC and connect the time machine from which you have lost your photos. Select the “Recover Photos” option. 


Restore Pictures from Time Machine - Home Page

Fig 1: Home Page


Step 2: From second screen select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”. Then, a New screen will appear for selecting drive to scan and click on “Next”.


Restore Pictures from Time Machine - Select Time Machine Drive

Fig 2: Select Time Machine Drive


Step 3: You can see the recovered data list in two ways either “File type view” or “Data view”. If you are satisfied then activate the trial and save the recovered photos.


Restore Pictures from Time Machine - View List of Recovered Photos

Fig 3: View List of Recovered Photos


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